The granite industry in Galicia is the reflection of a historical tradition in the use of stone in our region. The history of stone processing in Galicia goes back to the first settlers, granite having been used for building in Galicia since the megalithic period.
From an industrial point of view, it is in the 20th century that granite appears as one of the most dynamic and vibrant sectors of the Galician economy. Until the 70’s the activity was basically extractive, but since then the processing industry began to gain in importance.  
It is in this decade that the Asociación Galega de Graniteiros, promoted by Mr. Octavio Ramilo, was created with the aim of defending the interests of the companies of the Galician processing industry.  
Until the mid-80s, when the processing industry was consolidated in O Porriño, the AGG operated in the shadow of the Asociación Nacional de Graniteros de España.
In the 90s the association acquired the major representation it now has and integrated the major companies of the industry in Galicia.  
Today, the association’s main aim is to promote the development of the Galician granite industry nationally and internationally. To achieve this goal, the AGG focuses its efforts on marketing, the development of R&D activities, Occupational Risk Prevention and environmental protection.  

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