The Cluster of the Granite defines the organisational structure in the statutes of the association, being composed by the following organs:

  1. Organs of government, that exert the direction and administration of the association: the President, the Managerial Board and the General Assembly
  2. Temporary organs of technical character for the advice or development of specific activities of technical character. These are constituted by the three sectorial commissions of manufacturer, installers and machinery as well as consultative groups or groups of work.

The Management Committee has like main attribution the one to direct the activities of the Cluster and is integrated by the group of directors of the companies and representatives of the main entities with a paper stood out in the sector of the granite in Galicia. The programming of the activities is defined by the commissions that contribute experience in his field of competition, whereas the specific groups and of work are those that define the execution and execute specific actions.

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