The building products that can be made from natural stone today are numerous, due, among other things, to modern cutting and manufacturing techniques.
Listed below are the most relevant products used in granite construction:

Paving products

Generally, we can distinguish between two natural stone paving types: tiles, for interior and exterior, and pavers. Both type of paving require certain dimensional relationships to be maintained for placement. Besides tiles and pavers, there are other complementary natural stone units, such as curbs and trench footings, which also form part of the pavement and which are defined below.

  • Tiles
  • Platelets
  • Skirting boards
  • Pavers
  • Curbs
  • Trench footings
  • Raised access paving (RAP)

Products for facades
  • Plates
  • Platelets
  • Parts for masonry
  • Facade decorative elements

Street furniture

Stone is a very common material in urban architecture and not only for its durability over time, but because it allows innovation while achieving perfect blending with the environment.
In our cities, we can find numerous examples of street furniture made of natural stone, such as fountains, tree grates, planters, tables, bins, bollards and benches.

Other products

There are many other products for building use that can be made with natural stone today, such as columns, fountains, balustrades, fireplaces, kitchen and bathroom countertops, funerary and religious art, recycled materials, etc. By way of illustration, examples of these are shown in the following images:


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